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Jerry St Pe’ – St. Pe’ & Associates, LLC

Generation upon generation of Jackson County and other coastal residents have recorded a legacy of unparralled maritime history. From the shops and docks of our shipyards have come naval vessels for the defense of world peace, and commercial vessels for the expansion of global trade. And from the decks and nets of our fishing fleets have come bountiful harvest from the sea.

Ours is, indeed, a maritime heritage deserving, demanding of preservation!

We applaud the extraordinary work of the visionary founders and members of the Board of Director of the Mississippi Maritime Museum who have set us on a course to capture our rich maritime history for the benefit of today and tomorrow. They have set the sails for an exciting voyage toward a destination that will provide Jackson County a treasure chest of historical, educational and economic benefit.

It is time NOW for all in our community to “Get On Board” and support
OUR Mississippi Maritime Museum.

Jerry St Pe’
St. Pe’ & Associates, LLC