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The Maritime Museum will tell the story of the State’s 300-year maritime history which began in 1699 on the banks of the Pascagoula River with a group of French Colonist that included 13 ship carpenters. The museum will serve as a repository to archive, preserve and display maritime artifacts and historical document; and the Maritime Museum will also have an extensive educational program for school children in Elementary, Junior and Senior High School. In addition to providing academic programs for school credit, the programs will include hands on activities with such programs as boat building. As the MS Maritime Museum provides resources to schoolchildren, it will also serve as a portal to introduce them to the many career opportunities available throughout the Maritime Industry.

  • Cost of Renovation: $2,749,700 58% 58%
  • Cost of Exhibits for the Mississippi Maritime Museum: $1,375,000 29% 29%
  • Initial Operational Cost for Two Years: $625,300 13% 13%

Total Cost: $4,750,000

Current Site

The Band Hall and Shop with 7,000 Sq Ft. will be renovated. Then a 3,000 Sq Ft. Maritime Activity Center will be built. The MAC will provide multiple services to the Museum: Receive, catalogue, preserve and store artifacts and provide hands on projects for youth. The MAC will provide museum office space and meeting rooms for the Museum and other civic organizations.


Planned Site

In final phase, the Math & Science Building conversion into an 18,000 Sq Ft world class museum with interactive exhibits.