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A Letter from Terry Bollman

Dear Mississippi Gulf Coast Leaders,

The first master shipbuilders came ashore at what is now known as Ocean Springs, Jackson County, Mississippi in 1699. With this arrival, a tremendously rich legacy of maritime history began across the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast. We, at the Mississippi Maritime Museum, (MMM) believe this rich heritage has not enjoyed its due recognition.

The MMM is a 501 C (3) charitable organization and has adopted as its mission the promotion and preservation of our maritime heritage by establishing a museum and education facility to display artifacts and interactive exhibits of that legacy with emphasis on presenting programs to educate not only our local students and citizens but also visitors who are drawn to the Coast by the Museum.

Utilizing funds received to date from private foundations and local and state governments, the first phase of the Museum is nearing completion. Soon to open as the Maritime Activity Center, the newly renovated building formerly known as the Pascagoula High School Band Hall will house our administrative offices and education facility dedicated to hands-on training.

Now it is on to Phase II, and we invite and encourage you to “Get on Board!”. Your leadership and participation in this fundraising campaign is vitally important in the transformation of the former Pascagoula High School Math and Science building into the actual Mississippi Maritime Museum.

The rich past and present vibrancy of the Mississippi Gulf Coast maritime heritage, as well as the vital role it plays in the safety and well-being of our nation, must be preserved and promoted for present and future generations. Your Mississippi Maritime Museum is dedicated to doing so. Please help us get there… join us today and “Get On Board!”.


Terry L. Bollman
Mississippi Maritime Museum