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Strategic Plan


Present the region’s 300 years of maritime history to our students, workers, residents and visitors. In addition, the Museum will cast the vision of the future of the maritime industry and focus the Mississippi Gulf Coast region on the many job opportunities available for our current and future workforce. Over the next five years, the Mississippi Maritime Museum will:


  • Educate the Region About Local Maritime History and Its Future
  • Identify & Publish Career Opportunities in the Maritime Industry
  • Create Interactive Exhibits to Portray the Gulf Coast’s Maritime Story
  • Educate Children, Youth and Adults on Maritime Skills
  • Partner with Regional Maritime Industries to Share Their Legacy
  • Establish a Maritime History Research Site


The Mississippi Gulf Coast region must continually enhance its image as a community that is both in tune with its heritage and focused on its future. Working together, we will re-define our region as a unique destination where people will want to visit, work, live and raise a family. Over the next five years, through GET ON BOARD! the Mississippi Maritime Museum will:


  • Enhance Gulf Coast Community Pride
  • Publicize the Economic Impact of the Maritime Industry
  • Celebrate Gulf Coast Maritime Industry
  • Network with Museums in the Southeast Region
  • Keep Stakeholders Informed of the Progress of the Initiative
  • Recognize Stakeholders for Their Support of the Museum


The Quality of Life is vitally important in every community. Through GET ON BOARD! the Mississippi Maritime Museum will enhance our sense of community by preserving our maritime heritage and engaging our young people and adults to build on our legacy and impact the future. Over the next five years, GET ON BOARD! will:


  • Provide a Unique Recreation / Cultural Experience Focusing on Maritime Industries
  • Emphasize the Importance of Our Waterways for Natural Habitat, Recreation and Industry


The rich maritime history of the Mississippi Gulf Coast will play an important role in the area’s future. GET ON BOARD! will underwrite the development of this unique attraction in the downtown Pascagoula area. These state-of-the-art facilities will draw people and businesses to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and revitalize downtown areas and enhance the economic vitality for all businesses in the area. The economic impact on the region will be significant. Over the next five years, the Mississippi Maritime Museum will:


  • Expand Tourism
  • Enhance Commercial Development
  • Develop Regional Partnerships
  • Benefit the Mississippi Gulf Coast Economy