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Adam P. Askew – Hancock Bank

Hancock Bank is excited to participate in your mission, which is to preserve and promote naval and maritime history for the benefit of business, community, and government by providing a museum and attraction that will draw individuals to the City of Pascagoula, MS. Your leadership in the community is something that we admire and have great respect for.

Pascagoula’s maritime legacy of 300 years of shipbuilding is unprecedented. As many of the citizen’s in this town, I am a proud son and grandson of men who worked all their lives at the Pascagoula shipyard. To be able to take my family to a museum that, not only honors the work of so many, but is dedicated to educating the community on the history and future of the industry is exciting to say the least.

As we look to the future, once the museum center is complete, we will have a center that will enhance the archives and properly display all of the artifacts of the shipbuilding industry that you have collected with timeless effort and great dedication. The Museum will be able to preserve and interpret the history of the maritime industry in Pascagoula, like no other. Our children’s education will play a large roll in the success of the museum and the Mississippi Maritime Museum will have an opportunity to interact and learn. Hancock Bank is honored to serve a small role in this great cause.

We look forward to serving you in this banking capacity as well as a great friendship for years to come. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any needs.

Adam P. Askew
Senior Vice President
Hancock Bank