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Phase 3

The Mississippi Maritime Museum has entered Phase 3 of its program which has been under development over the past 14 years. The plan calls for establishing the Mississippi Maritime Museum and Pascagoula Welcome Center in the Old Pascagoula Ice House and Electric Power Plant immediately north of the junction of Highway 90 and N. Pascagoula Street

The old Pascagoula Ice House and Electric Power Plant is located on 3.7 acres of land and was established in 1904. The company provided ice to residents of Scranton and Pascagoula and to the Seafood industry as well. The Power Plant brought electricity to homes and businesses in the early 1900’s. The Electric Company also established the Pascagoula Rail Road and Trolley service for Scranton, Pascagoula and Moss Point prior to the merger of Pascagoula and Scranton into Pascagoula, Mississippi. The building is registered with the National Historic Trust and the Mississippi Dept. of Archives and History.