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Trent Lott – Former U.S. Senator

I hardily endorse the concept of the Maritime Museum for Mississippi in my hometown of Pascagoula. My father worked at the Ingalls Shipyard and I have known all my life about the maritime history of that community.

The history of the area is much more than shipbuilding. It has included the seafood industry, water borne traffic such as lumber, and port activities. The Port of Pascagoula always had ships docked from all over the world in areas as diverse as produce and energy.

But the greatest of all has been the quality and quantity of ships built here for the United States Navy. Since before World War II, we have built hundreds of ships for the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard, and we still do! We also have NOAA’s Marine Laboratory, one of the world’s finest for marine research. In addition, many ships named after Mississippi cities and counties have been built at the other shipyards.

There is broad and enthusiastic support for such a museum in Jackson County. We should preserve this part of our history and it would be a huge tourist attraction. This project has my support and I hope to be involved as it moves forward.

Trent Lott
Former U.S. Senator